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We can turn your data into information

As a decision maker, you know that timely access to the right information is one of the the keys to success. You analyse, evaluate and compare facts and figures from a variety of sources on a regular basis and require information from your computer information systems to support decision-making.

That information must be in an understandable form. There is a difference between data and information, you may have lots of data but do you have it in the form of information you can use easily to spot trends and patterns in your business?

Conclusion has extensive expertise developing custom Decision Support Solutions enabling decision makers to slice and dice data in new ways, graph and map information, run complex statistical analysis and identify hot spots and trends. Departments already collecting information through complex spreadsheets and systems can benefit from Conclusion ad-hoc query tools, which clean, match and coordinate data from multiple sources. For example, sales history information associated with trade promotions; commission schedules; unit costs and expense reports; can be used to identify the most effective sales person in various territories over discrete timeframes.

Conclusion provides Strategic planning to senior level management to ensure that corporate systems address short- and long-term corporate business goals. Our approach combines our industry experience and our technical expertise, together these provide a basis for meeting business objectives through information systems.

Conclusion can also advise you of how to make best use of the fastest moving entity in the business world today ... The Internet. See out Internet Services page if you would like some more information.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Experienced and independent advice.
[Bullet] Greater return from your investment on your information system.
[Bullet] As we keep up to date with the ever changing world of computers you don't have to.
[Bullet] Clearer picture of business trends and patterns.

Our Capabilities

While we are experienced we don't know everything and rather than being a jack of all trades and master of none we have concentrated our efforts in the following areas of information technology.

Operating Systems

We work with the following operating systems.

[Bullet] Windows 2000,
[Bullet] Windows NT 4,
[Bullet] Windows ME,
[Bullet] Windows 98,
[Bullet] Windows 95,
[Bullet] Windows 3.1,
[Bullet] MsDos

Industry Experience

We have worked with companies in many walks of life but have specialised experience with the following industries.

[Bullet] Automotive Service
[Bullet] Manufacturing
[Bullet] Real Estate
[Bullet] Retail

Application Experience

Our experience spans a variety of business applications, including:

[Bullet] Multi-media sales tools
[Bullet] Sales force automation
[Bullet] Communications-based applications
[Bullet] SQL Database systems
[Bullet] Decision support and management analysis
[Bullet] Distribution systems
[Bullet] Manufacturing systems
[Bullet] Real-time data collection
[Bullet] Computer-to-computer interfaces
[Bullet] Retail management
[Bullet] Point of Sale / accounting solutions

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