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Conclusion Software specialises in MS Windows Application development and has extensive experience designing and building custom solutions and systems in all platforms for desktop to n-tiered client server architectures. Focusing on object-oriented systems design, Conclusion use leading edge development tools, including Access, Delphi, Java, Windows NT and Windows '95. Additionally, Conclusion has extensive expertise in desktop and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase and Sybase.

The beauty of our work with Delphi and Java is the fact that each of the components we create can be simply dropped into other projects. As a result, we maintain an extensive library of our own and other specialist components and tools which can be easily integrated into our solutions, significantly reducing development time.

Conclusion provides the following Application Development Services:

[Bullet] Client Server Architecture Planning and Development.
[Bullet] Client Server Standards and Methodology.
[Bullet] Proof of Concept and Prototyping.
[Bullet] Object Oriented Design and Modelling.
[Bullet] Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design and Construction.
[Bullet] Multi-Media information systems.
[Bullet] Back-end Database Design and Implementation.
[Bullet] Internet application development.
[Bullet] Decision Support System Design and Implementation.

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