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Understand how your business and the Internet will come together.

The World Wide Web is revolutionising how we can do business. Never before has complex information such as animation, Pictures, Sound, Text and Video been so readily accessible and affordable. Technology is advancing so quickly, virtually anything can be viewed, displayed, sold and in some cases even delivered across the Web.

With the Internet you can:

[Bullet] Correspond with anyone in the world virtually instantly.
[Bullet] Send notes, documents, applications, and even video conference.
[Bullet] Exchange business ideas.
[Bullet] Learn about the newest technologies from News groups and forums.
[Bullet] Obtain information relating to your business from hundreds of magazines.
[Bullet] Identify new customers and suppliers.
[Bullet] Show your products to potential customers.
[Bullet] Make sales and get paid.

Companies everywhere are scrambling to secure a web presence and are establishing a Corporate Presence (or Home Page) to communicate with the outside world. Now with database connectivity and web-enabled applications the web is becoming much more than just an electronic brochure, it's becoming the way to create new business.

Conclusion can advise you on how to best take advantage of the new electronic marketplace.

Conclusion provides a wide range of Internet services including:

[Bullet] Internet Strategy
[Bullet] Internet Site Design
[Bullet] Internet Site Implementation
[Bullet] Internet Site hosting
[Bullet] Internet site maintenance
[Bullet] Java and ActiveX development
[Bullet] Web Application Development

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