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Version 1.10

[Apple Qtk150] TQtkCamera is a non-visible component that encapsulates the connection to and operation of a Apple Quicktake camera on a windows system. Photographs may be taken, thumbnails pictures or full sized photos downloaded all under direct program control.

Note: This is not a dumb TWAIN component, TQtkCamera gives direct access to the camera interface and full control.

Camera control demonstration program built with TQtkCamera.

When registration is received an unrestricted version will be e-mailed that;
a) removes all shareware messages.
b) Allows access to all camera internal functions
c) User help files for TSQLBuilder
d) Full component source code is also available.

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Download TQtkCamera now
Does not include camera dll's qtake-i.dll and qtake-d.dll.
These files come bundled with the camera operating software.

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Delivery Method Price
via e-mail $89
on disk $95

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