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Version 1.62

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Main Query Builder panel
Main Query Building Panel

Query SQL Text
SQL Query Text Panel

Query Results Panel
Query Results Panel.

A Delphi component that provides an easy way for the Delphi programmer to give their database application the ability to visually design and run Structured Query Language queries.

TSQLBuilder now includes customizable adhoc reports. As it uses the BDE for all database access it works with Paradox, dBase, Oracle, Sybase, Interbase, Informix databases or any other BDE supported database.

Tables may be selected by either file path or BDE alias and Sub-Select statements are fully supported. The built-in Query wizard means that just one line of code is all you need to satisfy even inexperienced user's demands for ad-hoc reporting.


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Key Benefits

Builds queries visually quickly and intuitively.
[Bullet] Displays or previews results.
[Bullet] Prints simple customizable reports.
[Bullet] Built-in Query Wizard to take inexperienced users step by step.
[Bullet] Builds "Select", "Update" and "Delete" Queries
[Bullet] Select tables from file path or BDE alias interchangeably.
[Bullet] Complex queries containing sub-Selects no problem.
[Bullet] Visually builds Sub-Selects statements
[Bullet] Sub-Selects statements can be stored and simply plugged in as required
[Bullet] Queries may be generated using an unlimited number of tables/fields.
[Bullet] Queries may be generated for any bde supported database type.
[Bullet] Support for server based SQL - Oracle, Interbase etc. and Borland's Local SQL
[Bullet] Generates SQL for SQL89, SQL92 and Borland's local SQL.
[Bullet] Support for all types of table joins.
[Bullet] Handles heterogeneous queries.
[Bullet] User defined fields are supported.
[Bullet] Previews which rows will be affected by "Update" or "Delete" queries.
[Bullet] Test run Select queries with the internal query results panel.
[Bullet] Result tables can be saved to disk.
[Bullet] Results can be printed in customizable reports.
[Bullet] Queries can be saved to or loaded from disk.
[Bullet] Queries can be stored to or loaded from a stream or database blob field.
[Bullet] Demo program includes a database of common queries stored in database blob fields.
[Bullet] Customizable function and operator lists
[Bullet] Auto last query save to ease building and testing of large complex queries.
[Bullet] 16 Bit and 32 Bit versions.
[Bullet] Full documentation
[Bullet] Developers Delphi SQL property editor
[Bullet] User help files.
[Bullet] Full source code when registered.
[Bullet] On-Line registration is available via the Internet or Compuserve's SWREG service, for other registration options see the readme file that comes with the component.

New Features

[Bullet] Sub-Select statement support .
[Bullet] Visually builds Sub-Select statements.
[Bullet] Select tables from file path or BDE alias interchangeably.
[Bullet] User interface improved and updated.

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SQLBuilder Documentation (64kb) (Needed for any version you download)

SQLBuilder for Delphi 1.2 (141kb)

SQLBuilder for Delphi 2 (141kb)

SQLBuilder for Delphi 3 (316kb)

SQLBuilder for Delphi 4 (287kb)

SQLBuilder for Delphi 5 (288kb)

SQLBuilder for Delphi 6 (341kb)


Registered users receive unrestricted version that;

[Bullet] removes all shareware version limitations and messages.
[Bullet] Free upgrade to next version when available.
[Bullet] Includes full source code.
[Bullet] Support from the Author.


Description Price
Via E-mail $59
On Disk $65

Upgrade from
registered version v. 1.60.0 or later

Description Price
Via E-mail Free
On Disk N/A

Upgrade from
registered version v. 1.50 or earlier

Description Price
Via E-mail $39
On Disk $45

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Delphi Choice Award
TSQLBuilder was awarded a "Delphi Choice" award from "The Delphi Information Connection"!.

Thankyou to all for your support.

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