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Conclusion Software Pty Ltd and Speedy Wheels Limited have worked together on the Wheel Wizard project since 1995. During this time Wheel Wizard has developed into the ultimate multi-media wheel on car simulator available on the market.

wwpic1.gif (29459 bytes)What does it do?

Combines the latest in multi-media technology with a large wheel and vehicle image database with to;

Wheel Wizard's strength is in the depth of information contained in the database. It does not just stick one image on top off another. it's huge database of cars (over 600 and growing) and their specifications allow Wheel Wizard to select the wheels that fit your car from all those available.

Multi-media capabilities enable Wheel Wizard to entertain the user with short motorsport videos and timed advertisements that can be video, sound or still image based. It's practically your own salesman and cable T.V. station rolled up together in one easy to use package.

When being used for a sale

The Wheel Wizard sell wheels for you by allowing your customer to actually see what any particular wheel that would fit their car, would look like on their car.
Inappropriate choices are prevented by a large database of which wheels fit what cars. Your customer can either choose individual wheels or sit back and allow Wheel Wizard to show them all the possibilities accompanied by music. The vehicles displayed can either come from the built in database or captured live with the digital camera option.

Click on a wheel and the wheel will be fitted to the selected car image instantly.

When your customer has selected the wheels they like you may print your customer a brochure customised with your name, address, business logo, your customer's wheel selection and before/after photographs of your customer's car.

When left on its own

Wheel Wizard continues to sell for you with it's ability to randomly play in-house advertisements interspersed with various wheel promotional video clips, music and displays of your wheels fitted to various cars.

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